Passionate personal videographer who loves capturing special memories of your big day!


I am Mark, I am from Stoke On Trent in Staffordshire and I am videographer.

As you can see I am a videographer with my studio based in Stoke-on-Trent. When I have had enough of being creative in my studio, I head home just over the border into Cheshire. I cover weddings across the country, however most are in Staffordshire and Cheshire. I am creative, tech loving, passionate person and a loving husband (ask my wife and daughters on a good day!). I’ve been married now for 32 years, and still enjoy filming weddings and meeting people.

How I got here?

I studied graphic design, digital photography and film when I left school, I worked in various companies where techinical and creative skills went hand in hand. From 1983, I filmed parties, music groups and family events. Clients, family and friends always said I had a natural eye, a camera eye. Eventually I was asked more and more to film events such as christenings and weddings and eventually I turned professional in 1996.

During the next 10 years I built up my business, and then in 2003 I moved into to my own studio where I have been ever since. In addition to filming weddings, I moved into filming businesses and schools producing promotional videos, and I also write and produce music for various projects.

I have captured many magic moments at weddings and continue to do so, I make you feel at ease on your special day and enjoy being creative.

There are moments that happen naturally captured for all eternity, these are the best moments,  – this is what I look out for.

I am a decent fellow and will help to produce the best possibly memories of your wedding day.

Why me for your wedding?

If you want some blown out photos of your wedding day you may as well leave now. If you want dark photos with no contrast this link will take you back to Google. If you want some truly timeless moving images taking of your special day that you can treasure for a lifetime I am your man.

Although I like to cover moments as and when they happen, I can also create moments of my own, whether that be a silhouette or something showing your venue at its best. I will be in the background lurking ready to capture the moments that make your wedding, from the Paige boy messing with his tie to the tears of laughter when the best man tells the story he said he wouldn’t.  I will also be on hand to direct, to tell you you look stunning in your dress and to take the time to put you both at ease and take in the atmosphere.

Ill be there throughout the day, capturing your day, of you getting ready, of your parents first seeing you in your wedding dress, of your ceremony, of your speeches and the guests reactions!, of your first dance, of your guests doing some embarassing dance moves on the dancefloor including Dad dancing and many many more moments!